SALE! SALE! SALE!  Did I say sale? SALE!  In honor of Valentine’s Day I wanted to show some love to my flute friends, so everything on the website is 20% off through next Sunday (February 11)!  Just take the posted price, multiply by 0.8, and that’s your price, which includes USPS Priority Mail delivery in the 48 states. This winter here in western North Carolina is far from over, but it has already been a cold and snowy one, overall.  The cold temps have kept me out of my unheated shop a lot, but I have been able to get a few things done There is a D3 in the works, with flutes scattered up to G4.  If there is something you’re looking for, drop me a line and I’ll see what I have coming up that might fit the bill. A Dogwood F4 is in the wings, and I’m thinking of doing Dogwood flowers and leaves inlay and the block with the head of a Cardinal.  Not only do Cardinals and Dogwoods go together like peanut butter and jelly, but they are also the state bird and flower of North Carolina.  HOW THIS WORKS:  If you see a flute you love, email me at the addy below.  You’ll get automatic ‘dibs’ while you mull it over.  The prices included shipping/packing charges, and each flute comes in a fleece bag with an instruction sheet.  I ship USPS Priority Mail; need other services? I’ll need to quote that shipper’s pricing in advance.  Flutes take wing within 1-3 days of ordering, depending on the day of the week and if I find something to tweak upon final inspection.Those that already know the quality of flute I produce know they are hissless and take very little breath to play.   If I release a flute, I’d be honored to record with it…all that to say I stand firmly behind each one of my singing stick creations.   :-)
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AVAILABLE FLUTES-samples are posted!
   just adopted!
(final block not yet completed)
G4 Maple Burl sample G4 Maple Burl sample C4 A430 sample C4 A430 sample D4 Walnut sample D4 Walnut sample G4 FigMyrtle sample G4 FigMyrtle sample A4 Peach sample A4 Peach sample G4 Camphor sample G4 Camphor sample A4 Dogwood sample A4 Dogwood sample F5 HP sample F5 HP sample F4 Cane sample F4 Cane sample E4 Cedar sample E4 Cedar sample F#4 WalnutSACless sample COMING SOON
Adopted! (converted to A440)
B3 A432 sample B3 Maple sample B3 Maple sample C4 A432 sample C4 A432 sample F#4 SACless in Black Walnut
U   G   L   Y     B   O   Y
The Spirit Horse Series
Many moons ago I started a series of flutes that I call “Spirit Horse”.  Basically, one comes out every 2-3 years, and I’m up to Spirit Horse #6.  While each is unique, they DO have similarities between them. Spirit Horse flutes are closed-end flutes with horse heads at the foot end of the flute.  These heads are colorful (a different base color for each one), and utilize symbols from the Lakota/Plains tribes, unique more to the Black Hills and beyond.  Too, the heads are not added on; they are all part of the flute from the beginning. Akicitas were the warrriors, and surrounding battles some would plant a handprint of paint on the necks of their horses.  Each Spirit Horse has an “Akicita” hand print just below the true sound hole (TSH). Each flute also has a “flowing mane” block.  These blocks have around 5 pieces of contrasting flowing mane pieces put together and sanded into one block.  It’s rather time consuming as each blade is measured and cut on the long side, so the wavy tips can intermingle, then each piece semi- finished before gluing up.  After that comes the shaping into the final needed block shape for the flute.  While each is essentially the same, each has their own unique creation twist…but the result is worth it. Spirit Horse #6 is a vision finally come true, and Halloween is the perfect time of year to release it, as you can see from the pictures below.  It’s a tribute flute to the Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead.  The horse head is a horse skull, which was a bit daunting to look at pictures and run the dremel tool into the perceived cavities.  Afterall, if I had ruined the skull part I would have ruined the flute since it’s all one piece (well, two halves, but you know what I mean!) When all was said and done, this tribute flute came to life in true Dia de los Muertos fashion. Click on this link for the preview “Coming Attrractions” of Spirit Horse #6.  It’s a one-of-a-kind flute that is worthy of display.  It sits on a stand that is VERY personal, and the new owner will get a personal story paper about the base as well as the flute.  It’s a rich C4 flute that is looking for a new home to appreciate it!  
C4, 32" long C, 32" long
Spirit Horse #6 sample Spirit Horse #6 sample
U   G   L   Y     B   O   Y
U   G   L   Y     B   O   Y