(Welcome to my ‘updated’ website (a current ‘work in progress’, but ya gotta start somewhere!).  My former site developed several ‘issues’ that try as I might I couldn’t correct to my satisfaction…in short, I’m starting fresh, here.  The site will grow in time, but you’ll notice that for now a lot of former pages are at this time not listed.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINALLY….I’ve gotten sound samples made.  I prefer to make them outdoors with no filter, but there’s been a fair amount of rain and surprise showers to thwart that the past few days. Luckily, I’m healed to just one bandaged digit, my right middle finger, so please excuse any squeaks from that.  The F5 was especially tricky.  :-) Chrome works best for a browser…working with weird stuff per other browsers. I have a stunning curly/figured Black Walnut C4 and  B4 Walnut birdbeak that need multiple finishing coats, as well as block refinement.  They are but days to maybe a week ready to take wing. Preliminary pics (sans blocks) and samples are listed on the next page. HOW THIS WORKS:  If you see a flute you love, email me at the addy below.  You’ll get automatic ‘dibs’ for 24 hours while you mull it over.  The prices shown INCLUDES shipping charges, and each flute comes in a fleece bag with an instruction sheet.  I ship USPS Priority Mail; if you need other services, I’ll need to quote that shipper’s pricing in advance.  Flutes take wing within 1-3 days of ordering, depending on the day of the week and if I find something to tweak upon final inspection. Those that already know the quality of flute I produce know they are hissless and take very little breath to play.  My bass flutes have compromised playing holes that more easily fit average hands.  If I release a flute, I’d be honored to record with it…all that to say I stand firmly behind each one of my singing stick creations.   :-)
Bob Child     weatherflute at yahoo.com